It’s easy to dismiss insects. After all, they can be annoying. Some buzz. Some bite.
But if you take a closer look, you’ll discover fascinating creatures with intricate features.
Welcome to the macro world of insects. I invite you to view them up close and in full
detail, just as they see each other.

There are about a million different known species of insects in the world, and many
entomologists estimate that there might be as many as 10 million or more. In contrast,
there are less than 5,000 named mammal species in the world.

Insects can be found in every environment on our planet, and they adapt to a wide
variety of habitats. They’re also critical to the survival of these ecosystems, as they
perform many functions. They aerate soil; they pollinate blossoms; they decompose dead
material; they become food for larger creatures; and they benefit the world in countless
other ways, many of which are not even known yet.

In his book, "The Diversity of Life," entomologist Edward O. Wilson warns that if all
insects were to disappear, humanity probably could not last more than a few months.
And most other life forms would also become extinct because of the domino effect that
would occur in the food chain.

Please take a closer look at insects. Look at them in a new light. And if my photographs give
you a new, more positive perspective on insects, then I have done my job.
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